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Trading is simple but not easy. We take the risk and edge off for you. We are a team of experts with decades of experience in the financial sector analysing gold and crude oil.   


Unlike others who claim to make you a millionaire, we make no such claims; however, we can provide you with daily profitable signals with tight stop losses. Don't believe us, check out our reviews on Facebook by clicking here.

Why Choose Us?

Blown accounts, incorrect stop losses, hoping for a reversion, martingale, grid systems...these are the tools of amateurs. We do not subscribe to any of these patterns; rather we simply rely on our years of experience, trends, market news and technical analysis to provide you with two or three highly profitable signals per day.

I got hired in a prof trade firm as a junior trader . Thanks to DSAN and XAUUSDGOLDsignalservice. ''

Hammed Mohe
Lift Service Engg.

GOLDsignal service  has taken things to a whole new level! This is more than just an indicator—it's a kickass strategy that actually works.  GOLDsignal service is the real deal, and they've completely changed the game. If you're looking for a reliable and effective trading solution, I can't recommend them enough. Trust me, you won't be disappointed!

Tours and Travel Agency usa

What started out as a thing when bored has grown into a profitable hobby thanks to gold signal service

Amanda Mitchell
Operations Manager

Amazing signals they are able to pinpoint the entry and accuracy with a level i have not seen before.

Thank you gold signals service

Malasiya- Home Maker

About Us

XAUUSDGOLDsignals is a team of traders with More than 13  years of experience in the forex industry. During those years we have decided to combine all our knowledge, skills and make our customers available for service. If you need to know about Forex trading and all the abilities of change and excellence, this is the right place! Nowadays, running a home-based business is a very profitable way for most people in the country. But it is important for you to remember that the stock market is not a trading house. Problems are mainly for making some profit and so we are the professional who will make things happen. When you open the "door" and enter the "world of Forex", you will meet some of the amazing possibilities for you and your prosperity.We have the expertise to do business with you and teach ropes. Of course, we can't offer a 100% success rate, but we can certainly help you get the best results. The signals that we publish in our telegram channels are produced from Monday to Friday, we have posted clues on ASIAN, UK and US sessions that we run.


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